End Of Life Services

Choosing euthanasia for your pet is never an easy decision, but once you know that it's time, the staff here at Sunrise Veterinary Services are here to make this situation just a little less difficult for you.
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Preparing yourself in advance for your pet’s death can be a difficult task to discuss and is emotionally taxing. However, thinking about this ahead of time can allow the opportunity to discuss how you would like your pet memorialized. Our job is to help relieve emotional stress by giving you various options of cremation and burial.

What to expect during your euthanasia:

  • You will be taken into a private room with your pet. If you have not already discussed/decided what you would like for your pets end of life process, we will do so at this time. Financial/technical aspects of your pets passing will also be handled.
  • A veterinarian will come into the room and sedation will be given to your pet during this time. Your pet will fall unconscious over the next 10-15 minutes. They will no longer feel pain or be aware of their surroundings. You may take as long as you like to say goodbye to your beloved pet. 
  • Your pet will be removed from the room for the final euthanasia process. During this time we would love for you to sign a river rock to be placed in our memorial area, and sign our book with a passage/memory about your pet. 
  • If you would like your pet brought back to you following the euthanasia we can do so. If you have said your final goodbyes you may leave at any time you are ready. 

We are also now offering a In-Home Euthanasia.

  • Familiar and comfortable environment.
  • Reduced stress on your pet in their final moments.
  • More quality time with the family.
  • Greater privacy and intimacy for the family.
  • Personalization.

Our clinic offers take home burial and cremation options:

  • Private Cremation- will allow the remains of your pet, and your pet only, to be given to you. They will be shipped to the veterinary clinic, and we will call you once they arrive (2-4 weeks).
  • Group Cremation- your pet will be sent in for cremation, with no return of ashes. 

Urn Options

Additional Memorial Options


Here at Sunrise, we also have pet in our families, so we sympathize the the loss of a family member.  The impact can be devastating, and the process of recovery can be lasting. We have found support in the following resources that we hope helps you during your grieving.

For Reading:  “Coping with the Death of Your Pet” by The Humane Society.
For one-on-one counseling and talking: The Pet Loss Help webpage is dedicated to pet loss support with a full listing of hotlines and websites.