In-Home Euthanasia

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What to Expect From In-home Euthanasia

“At some point, we move from ensuring quality of life to ensuring a quality of death”

-Dr. Mary Gardner

Before We Arrive

If your pet has anxiety with new people coming into their home, Sunrise does offer mild oral sedatives to help with any stress associated with this event. These should be given 1 hour prior to our arrival. 

For dogs, it would be beneficial to let them outdoors to relieve themselves 1-2 hours prior to us arriving. 

It is best to have your pet in a location that they are comfortable in on the main floor of your home. A couch or their own bed are two great locations. 

Appointment Expectation

  • Once the veterinarian and technician arrive, the full procedure will be explained to you based on your interest and comfort level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way—everything will be done at a pace that you and your pet dictate.
  • Sedation will be given intramuscular (in the muscle) to ease discomfort; you deserve your final memory of your pet to be calm and comfortable. This injection of pain medication and sedatives will allow your pet to drift off to a peaceful sleep before the final injection is administered.
  • An IV catheter will then be placed. After this you may spend as much time with them as you need before the final injection is given. 
  • Your pet’s sedation level will then be assessed to make sure they are deeply asleep and unresponsive to stimulation. 
  • We will then give the euthanasia solution through their IV catheter, our final gift. 
  • After the injection you may take as much time as you need with your pet.