In-House Diagnostics

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We have bloodwork machines right here at our clinic! These are used to evaluate red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, glucose, thyroid, kidney, and liver function, screen your pet for tick borne disease, and evaluate their urinary tract. We are able to receive results in 20 minutes. These speedy results are important for prompt treatment of disease and establishing a baseline for healthy patients.

We love using bloodwork to evaluate the safety of anesthesia for your pet before surgery! It is an added measure that helps put everyone’s mind at ease.

CBC; complete blood count
  • Red blood cells – provide oxygen to the body
  • White blood cells – can indicate inflammation, cancer, or infection
  • Platelets – for blood clotting

  • Evaluates organ function: liver, kidney, thyroid gland, gastrointestinal system
  • Screens for endocrine diseases like diabetes, addison’s disease, and cushing’s syndrome
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  • Evaluates for urinary crystals, UTI (infection), and functionality of the kidneys
Cytology; an evaluation of a specimen under the microscope
  • Fine needle aspirates (FNA) are a tiny biopsy of a mass/tumor. This procedure helps us evaluate if a lump needs to be removed for full biopsy or can be monitored for changes. It can sometimes give us a diagnosis of metastatic or benign cancers.
  • When ears are itchy, we can take a swab to evaluate for a bacterial or yeast infection. By doing so, we are able to tailor treatment to your pet’s specific needs
  • Skin scrapings can help us identify mites, lice, fleas, or infectious agents that could cause your pet to develop a lesion or become uncomfortably itchy.
Ophthalmic (eye) Exam
  • Measurement of intraocular pressures to check for glaucoma
  • Schimer tear test to evaluate tear production
  • Fluorescein staining to look for scratches or ulcers
  • Corneal, lenticular, retinal, and optic nerve examination using an ophthalmoscope
FreeSyle Libre
  • A “button” that is applied in the clinic and can be used for glucose monitoring at home using your smartphone. This decreases stress on diabetic patients who do not like to be hospitalized for glucose monitoring.
  • A test performed to screen patients for heartworm disease and tick borne illnesses (lyme, anaplasma, ehrlichia). It requires just a couple drops of blood and results are ready within fifteen minutes!
FeLV/FIV Rapid Test
  • A blood test that screens cats for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), feline heartworm disease, and FeLV (feline leukemia). Both diseases may cause severe immunosuppression which can result in a shortened life span. There is currently a vaccine to help the spread of feline leukemia.
Parvovirus SNAP
  • Using feces from a canine to test for parvovirus. This virus can be deadly if not treated early or the dog does not have a distemper vaccine.
Fecal float
  • A test used to determine if an animal has gastrointestinal parasites.
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