Administrative Assistant

Lexi- grew up in Webster Wisconsin, but moved around with her family a bit including some time spent in both Louisianna and Texas. She moved to this area during college. Lexi comes to Sunrise having had vast experience in working with cattle. She has worked milking, as a calf care-taker, on a feedlot, and as an artificial inseminator, not to mention the many other duties she’s covered over the years. One of her employers milked over 8,000 head!

Lexi is currently living in Reedsburg with her dog Knox and is studying to get her Veterinary Technician certification. 

Lexi joined Sunrise in 2019 and is helping out in several areas. She works both at the front desk as well as helping out on farm calls and with pet work at the clinic. Lexi especially looks forward to going out to help the doctors process herds at the farms. She doesn’t mind hard work and getting her hands dirty. 

When she’s not working, Lexi enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and barrel racing.