Surgical Services

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At Sunrise, we offer a variety of surgical procedures. You can rest assured that when your pet comes to Sunrise for surgery, their safety and comfort are a top priority. You are leaving your loved one in very capable hands.

Let us walk you through the process of prepping your pet for surgery:

Surgical patients are given a pre-anesthetic medication which helps to relax them and relieve any anxiety they are having. This helps us to place an IV catheter without causing undue stress to our patients. Through the IV catheter, a small amount of anesthetic is delivered, which puts your pet completely under anesthesia and renders them unconscious for surgery. An endotracheal tube is placed into the “windpipe” which delivers gas anesthetic, just like in human medicine. This anesthetic keeps the patient sleeping and comfortable for the duration of the surgery. We prefer using this gas anesthetic due its level of safety and ability to make sure your pet remains at the perfect level of anesthesia. We administer intravenous fluids to help maintain your pet’s blood pressure and protect their kidneys from damage.

During surgery a certified veterinary technician monitors your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, and pain throughout the entire procedure. The technician will stay right with your pet and continue to monitor as your pet wakes up from surgery. Our patients are not alone from the moment they receive their first injection-all the way until they are awake and sitting up on their own.

After Surgery:

Most routine surgical patients are able to go home the same day their surgery is performed! Pain medications, special recovery food, and an e collar (cone), will be sent home with your pet. Discharge paperwork will indicate how to best care for your pet at home.

Our Surgical Services Include:

● Spay/Neuter
● Abdominal Exploratory
●  Foreign body obstruction
●  Mass (tumor) removals
●  Enucleations
●  Entropion/ectropion
●  Cystotomy
●  Vulvoplasty
●  Splenectomy
●  Gastropexy
●  Amputations
●  And more, just call us and ask (608) 768-7297